AssetFit for ITM Monitoring

Find and establish an uncontested market position from which ITM Monitoring can gain traction and grow market share.

At the time of the project, ITM Monitoring was undergoing a significant transformation from manufacture and services into a services only business so it was important to find a distinctive position to build a platform for future growth.

Results have been clear - A 35% growth increase in business from existing clients since launch

Results have been clear - A 35% growth increase in business from existing clients since launch

Research and Insight
Planning and Strategy
Brand Development

Our analysis followed 5 themes: industry leader interviews, customer need reviews across all areas of interest, competitor set mapping, a services assessment and an investigation into category shifts within the sectors. Further analysis and development was conducted to define audience segments and to inform how ITM Monitoring should align and differentiate particular services to meet separate customer needs.

Working together we were able to set two clear segmentation paths each with an individually aligned service model and marketing framework. 

Once the service models were in place the Inhabit strategy team handed over to the Inhabit communications team to bring the new strategic positioning to life. A new naming structure was developed followed by a key messaging plan and an ‘on point’ engaging visual identify.

Assetfit has helped structure our approach to solving client problems by establishing a clear end-to-end process that is entirely fit for purpose. Since its introduction Assetfit has undoubtedly contributed to growth in business from existing clients by up to 35%, in addition to bringing about a marked increase in enquiries and business from new clients seeking to include remote monitoring in their asset management strategy. This clearly defined ‘product’ is proving to be a vital tool in marketing our expertise and capabilities to clients.
— Nick Slater. Head of Asset Monitoring. ITM