Achieve greater communications impact through your brand

To remove uncertainty, save time and money on non-impactful campaigns and ensure positive customer engagement we encourage our clients to think about ‘brand’ not as a visual image, but as a belief system that can underpin executive decisions and help to drive activities at every touch point of external and internal communications.

In a recent blog considering how a brand-driven approach can strengthen a business strategy, we alluded to why it is also beneficial for your communication activity, in particular, by addressing specific and meaningful customer needs it provides marketing, communication and sales team with clear direction and the rich content needed to get results. Indeed, once you’ve identified this, it’s hard to ignore whether it’s likely that your existing communication tactics are going to have anywhere near the impact you are hoping for.

You are no longer confronted by a blank piece of paper and a wealth of options.  Instead, with the security of knowing what you stand for and why that resonates with your existing and potential customers, the ideas flow and it’s easier to prioritise the ones which are going to achieve your goals, and filter out those which will not - saving much time and money.

When we work with clients who take a brand-driven approach we have a much clearer picture of what’s important to their customers and what needs to be addressed. The communication activity truly reflects what’s different and great about the company and its products, in a way that resonates with their audience. It is in this way that communications can truly have the impact you want.

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