Content marketing success...

...for leading security turnstile manufacturer IDL

We have been working with IDL on their exhibitions programme for a number of years now and, since March 2015, also managed their content marketing activities.  Well-established in the market, IDL wanted to maximise visits to their Fastlane Turnstiles website and utilise the news pages which had intermittently housed case studies and new project wins.

Knowing their business goals as well as the security market enabled us to create a content strategy to effectively direct the creation of unique content for the site, and this was shared through LinkedIn as well as their customer e-shot.

The eshot has had consistently good results

  • Average opens 21.5% v industry standard 20%
  • Average clicks 9.21% v industry standard 3%
  • Once migrated to the site, readers now go on to read multiple pages whereas previously they would often read the news piece and leave.  

Key analytics highlights

  • Achieved a 140% increase in visits to the client's news pages
  • Page views up from 2.8 to 3.5
  • 6.5 times more page views since the campaign began.
  • Average number of stories a user views per session from 3.2 to 6
  • Referrals from LinkedIn have increased 10 fold

It is always great to see positive improvements; our knowledge of the security market is a contributing factor but so is maintaining close relationships with our client and having a clear plan which reflects the business objectives. Continued measuring of the impact and adjusting to suit results ensures that the programme will continue its upwards trajectory