How we ensure you are content with your content

Content marketing seems to be everywhere right now, but what is it actually about, why do we use it for our clients, and how do you go about doing it?

Most of us now live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with news and views, images and videos, snippets and long copy – coming through your emails, newspapers, trade mags, Twitter feeds, YouTube channels, as well as at exhibitions, conferences and meetings.  Content is essentially the information being distributed.  What you decide to read or take note of is based on a decision that the content is of value to you in some way.

To be absolutely specific - the quality of your content is what separates the wheat from the chaff.

Content generation made easier

So how do you create content that your customers will think is valuable to them?  To develop a plan for valuable content generation we believe you need to look outside of what you want to tell your customers, and look at it from their point of view. For us, the creation of a process which allows us to gather information is key, and this enables us to get to know facts such as:

  • who the customers are
  • which sectors they operate in
  • what is their role in the decision making process
  • what are the challenges they face
  • what are the influencing factors
  • what is going on in your company
  • where your product or service fits in the mix of their choices
  • what else is going on in the marketplace

Identifying the content is only half of what’s required.  Creating a plan which is sustainable over time, uses the content in context, through the correct channel and ensures people know it’s there are all essential as well.  We are able identify the channels that would offer the best routes to success and use our experience to recommend whether it would be best as a white paper, opinion piece, e-shot, press release, tweet, LinkedIn showcase page etc.  We can also look at how content marketing can tie in with lead generation to maximise its effect.

Content in context that converts

In truth, content has always been key for marketing – it’s just that, now there is a proliferation of channels for reaching your customers, and a lot of people shouting for their attention.  The key for your success is in developing a plan for delivering convincing, persuasive evidence in the most appropriate environment – and avoiding just adding to all that noise. 

A few myths about content

  • Content creation is a new marketing challenge
  • Quantity is the most important thing
  • Saying anything is better than saying nothing
  • Saying the same as everyone else is good enough
  • Content is telling your customers how great your product or service is

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