The latest tech that will help drive traffic to your exhibition stand

Exhibition Evolution - The latest tech that will help drive traffic to your stand

How do you grab people’s attention in an exhibition hall with potentially 100s of stands all competing for precious time?  You can use some of the new technologies available to stop people in their tracks and get them involved with the products you are exhibiting:


  • Deliver highly relevant content to people within a defined distance from your stand by using their phone’s Bluetooth.  Not only can this be a well-timed prompt but you can also make special offers or incentives available which will give them a reason to choose to visit your stand

Augmented Realities

  • Augment architectural features onto a landscape, demonstrate what benefits your products offers under different conditions, activate video versions of promo materials or even enable customers to see customisable options – all these features and more are brought to life through AR

3D Holographic Projects

  • Visualise environments around real-world people and products to create highly memorable apparitions.  Unlike a 3D image, a holographic projection allows the viewer to move around and get different perspectives from all angles so can be an amazing way to capture people’s attention while you demonstrate all the product benefits.

Transparent Digital Displays

  • Launching a new product on stand?  Display products behind a clear screen on which copy and images move around to create interest and encourage interaction.  Anything displayed as white will actually be transparent and allow the viewer to see through the glass so the product remains highly visible, but surrounded by key messages and content.

Triggered Sounds and Lights

  • Walking through a beam near your stand can activate a welcome message, light display or signal the start of a video.  Alternatively, use the data generated by people in and around your stand to create memorable, impactful visual images

As always the important thing is to focus on what you want to achieve – is it data capture, solid sales leads, feedback on a new product? etc – and then ensure that this is at the heart of your stand design so that the not insubstantial exhibition investment really delivers for you.