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Cathedral Square

With the Thames Valley office market proving to be a very competitive area at the moment, our aim was to encourage people to focus on Guildford as a location then Cathedral Square as the No1 choice within that location.  Amongst the towns many larger employers are some true giants of science and technology: Sanofi, BAE Systems, UOP Honeywell, Ericsson. But that’s not the whole story: Guildford is also becoming ‘the Hollywood’ of computer games businesses, including EA, Epic Games, Supermassive Games and Ubisoft, therefore the marketing was aimed at appealing to such an audience.

A fresh identity was created, enhancing its location and strong tone of voice throughout the bespoke brochure and destination website. Further awareness of the scheme will be created by the introduction of a fully branded mini bus to transport tenants from the town centre station. The scheme offers Grade A offices set in landscaped surroundings with a state of the art café, a true office destination.

Guildford has built upon its academic strengths to become a true hub of technological industries and our marketing message needed to build upon this fact.