Fujitsu Knowledge Suite

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As part of Fujitsu’s strategy to educate and empower Channel Partners and internal staff via training, knowledge sharing and collaboration, dedicated training facilities needed to be developed at the company’s headquarters in Hayes. The Inhabit team was invited to look at the existing space and develop a new and exciting concept for the complete refurbishment of this environment, including the design, production and fitting of high quality wall and vertical blind graphics, and sourcing furniture and accessories to complement the overall design and layout of the room.

Our aim was to create a practical yet inspiring environment suitable for a variety of training purposes, including seminars, brainstorming sessions, workshops, presentations and product demonstrations. It was important to achieve a balance between a corporate and professional feel and a relaxed atmosphere where users feel comfortable sharing views and knowledge amongst peers.

Working closely with Fujitsu, we devised a theme for the room. This theme presents learning as a continuous journey. Through professional and personal growth, ongoing engagement, training and career development the journey unfolds. Fujitsu supports knowledge sharing which enables learning and growth, leading to new ideas which allow Fujitsu and its partners to shape their future together. From this message the creative concept was born.

The concept comprises two trees - the learning tree and the knowledge tree. The roots of the two trees entwine and flow around the room, signifying that with learning comes knowledge – the two are inextricably linked. The use of geometric shapes to form the trees and roots gives the impression of folded pieces of paper - a subtle link to PFU’s document scanning business - but also gives a sense of movement, suggesting that learning is a continually unfolding journey, constantly evolving and being built upon.

Inspiring quotes were positioned in key areas of the room and bespoke pieces of artwork were created to represent the learning journey and highlight the core messages of learning, growth, sharing, connecting and heritage. Our project managers took care of every detail, including the commissioning of a bespoke tree branch bookcase to add a special finishing touch.


Since the completion of the Knowledge Suite in 2015 and its overwhelming success we are now rolling it out across Fujitsu globally and have already installed it in Paris, Moscow, and Milan.