Multi-national research to support strategic growth decisions

Following the introduction of international regulatory guidelines, a leading company of property professionals retained us to investigate the relative merits of 10 overseas markets, and the opportunities that would support strategic growth decisions.  Looking within Europe, America and Asia, we identified criteria to measure the different characteristics of these very different markets and applied weightings to enable comparison. 

The research was conducted in two phases, using a combination of desk research and phone interviews, to ensure that the data collected was verified and any country-specific nuances were addressed.  In looking to identify the most cost-effective route to achieving success, Inhabit looked to the sales cycle to identify the key players in the decision-making process and targeted those whose unique position meant that they could not only give valuable insight into their own decision making process but also that of others in the chain as well. 

In only nine weeks, we were able to make recommendations based on quantifiable research as to which markets presented the best opportunities.  The next steps of the activity are to review the company’s brand strategy to identify which markets best suit their positioning, competitive stance and business objectives.