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Onecard for Natwest

Inhabit was commissioned to create concepts for a customer-facing marketing campaign for onecard, which had won Best Business Card Programme at the Card Awards. The campaign was targeted primarily at finance directors and owners of businesses with a turnover of between £5million and £25million and included direct mail and e-newsletters, drawing on the credibility the award had provided.

Bringing together graphic design and copywriting expertise in a concept for the award, Inhabit married the onecard wheel, part of the existing brand identity, to a 3D simulated award to create a visual connection between onecard and an award winning product. Inhabit also created booklets and supporting brochures for the bank’s branches.

Paramount to the success of a campaign like this was gaining the buy-in, enthusiasm and support of staff. This was achieved through supporting internal communications that consisted of e-bulletin, newsletter and webpage elements along with an opportunity-spotting guide for relationship managers.

The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) commissioned us to create concepts for and build communications around the same products. Crucially, the brand guidelines differed in a number of respects: thus we adapted our approach to follow these and produce designs for newsletters, brochures and webpages.