One in Five

One issue posed, five questions asked...

At a recent Built Environment event in London, a speaker panel composed of a UKTI representative and leading property investors highlighted the cultural and economic importance of supporting regional cities in the UK. With various reports, such as those by W&F and Aecom, stating that London is at risk of losing its status as a leading Global City, the focus on supporting UK regions could help seal this fate. When asked whether this should be a concern left to politicians, the panel unanimously replied that, as businesses, they should invest in and treasure London. The panel agreed that rebalancing the UK’s regional economy should not happen at the cost of London losing its privileged position. At the same time, London is increasingly becoming a very expensive city to do business in.

Is London becoming a city too expensive for you to do business in and are you looking at new UK regions for business growth?

3. Where is the majority of your UK audience?
4. Is the dilemma “doing business in London versus doing business in UK regions” already being discussed inside your company?