Visual Brand Development
Brochure Design


We delivered a creative design solution to develop the Company’s brand structure, with particular emphasis on how the individual products sit within and alongside the corporate brand.


Brand modelling was carried out to develop a brand structure which best suited the Public-I portfolio, including development and design of a new logo and brand image.

As well as ‘Citizenscape’, a platform for consultation with citizens, Inhabit rebranded ‘Connect’ and ‘Connect Social’ - tools for webcasting and interacting with citizens.  These were joined by identities for ‘e-petitions’ and ‘thought leadership’, all working as cohesive visual signposts under the corporate brand. Alongside brand development work, Inhabit created business collateral as well as an overarching sales brochure and exhibition stand which reinforced the new brand image.

The new brand captures the spirit of Public-i’s ground-breaking work over the past decade and provides a showcase for the seamless integration of all the products into the new brand architecture.